How To Use COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits

Bentley Nursing has recently introduced the high performance COVID-19 rapid test kits from Roche Diagnostics and Panodyne to aid healthcare professionals and others in speedy self-testing from convenient and reliable lateral flow kits.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve as new strains have come to light and the ease of transmission becomes tragically familiar to us all with our relatives often involved. This makes the need of reliable test kits for workers in vital industries and others an important priority.

The testing process for Coronavirus can be quite unpleasant and time-consuming whereas the swab found in our rapid test kits is only 15 cm long making it more comfortable for use especially with young children. Rapid test kit results yield data which can be used to investigate the spread of the virus and help to curb this and inform safe working practices.

Whether you purchase the Roche rapid test kit or the Panodyne rapid test kit you will find detailed instructions included with each kit – we have also included several illustrations below and links to the manufacturers and the Government.

Detailed How To Use Instructions – Roche Diagnostics Website

Download Clinical Results Report From Roche Diagnostics

GOV.UK Help On Rapid Test Kits

These illustrations show each stage of how to use the Roche test kit:

Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit Instructions
Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit Instructions