Incontinence and comfort supplies to help assist and manage personal cleanliness and welfare.

Consumable products and toiletries for personal use, furniture and bedding.

Bentley Nursing stock an range of supplies which ensure effective protection throughout the day or night . We supply nursing supplies and toiletries primarily as a back up from when the NHS® hasn’t any available. Furthermore our stretch-fitted supplies are officially NHS® contracted in Norfolk.

Our representatives actively promote Bentley Nursing for its customer care excellence and promise of confidentiality. You can guarantee to only ever speak with a professional who will listen and consider your exact requirements. We are always stocked with incontinence supplies to ensure our clients can always find what they need.

Shaped Pads

Ergonomic, incontinence pads, providing four levels of protection. They offer exceptional comfort, whether you’re seated or on the move.

Bed & Chair Pads

Protective pads designed to securely fit on seating and beds. Purpose-built to retain liquid multiple times their original weight.


Latex-free, ergonomic pull-ups for excellent, discreet comfort and user dignity. With 100% breathable and hypoallergenic properties.

Fixation Pants

Comfortably, tight-fitting micromesh pants, net stretch pants and super comfortable boxer shorts for user dignity.


Super absorbency with dignified comfort, our diapers are made to fit securely and provide excellent, incontinence support.