Handling Belt


• Velcro resistant binding
• No Velcro on any sling
• Cross stitching on all slings
• Woven labels for increased longevity
• Very clear labelling
• Padding as standard on all slings
• New unique geometry
• New foam that can withstand a higher washing temperature without any distortion.



The uniqueness of the handling belt may not be apparent at first glance but it has a number of features that sets it apart in the marketplace.

The belt also has 7 handles as standard. These are situated around the belt at strategic points to enable a safe, secure and comfortable transfer every time. It is a belt that makes assisted transfers easier for carers.

It has a non-slip pad on the inside to the rear of the belt which means that it is almost impossible for it to slide up the back which results in a perfect transfer every time.

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S, M, L, XL