Parade Mobility Scooter


  • Superbly comfortable ride with all-round suspension
  • Extremely supportive seat with 25 stone capacity
  • Gas-assisted tiller making it fast & easy to re-position
  • Easy access tiller charger


The Parade with its advanced all-around suspension has been designed and built with our UK pavements in mind, allowing you to drive in comfort and safety regardless of the pavement’s surface.

Sleek and stylish, the Parade offers a superbly comfortable ride whilst delivering high performance. With its large battery compartment, the Parade allows you to upgrade from the standard powerful 35 Ah batteries to the yet larger and even more powerful 50 Ah size giving you the opportunity to travel further miles if you wish.

Adjusting the driving control position is fast and easy thanks to the gas-assisted tiller. This also proves very beneficial for when getting onto and off the scooter as you can quickly move the tiller out of the way. Other user-friendly features include the powerful front and rear LED lights, easy to use tiller controls and the tiller mounted battery charging port, all included to make sure your pavement ride is a luxury!