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About Us

Bentley Nursing, who we are

Situated in Peterborough, our business delivers its products to people who are looking to make their daily routines undemanding. We were founded in 1991 and ever since the start, we have continuously helped improve the lives of people with disabilities in the UK. Our goal at Bentley Nursing is to ensure all our clients receive the best possible service and products, all staff members are only ever friendly, keeping your best interest at heart.

The aim of the business is to provide assistance for people with functional inabilities – proving to them that they can live a simpler life, without worrying about their routines holding them back. You will only ever speak to someone who puts your needs first, we understand it can be hard trusting someone with your personal requirements but with our occupational therapists, you will be given peace of mind that your health and wellbeing will be dealt with professionally, we keep you a priority.

A professional retailer of Mobility and Nursing supplies, largely caring for your well-being.

Bentley Nursing actively provide bespoke options, which help you live an easy lifestyle. We eliminate the inconvenience of struggling to get up in the morning and with getting into bed, we also improve how you can get around your home and outside of it; supplying a range of walking aids manufactured for all varieties of movement impairments. Our products allow you to enjoy life in a new and exciting perspective, there will be no need to stress anymore.

The people who work at Bentley Nursing have dealt with the care and product provision for many clients over the years; catering for all their different, functional requests. Our business ensures to supply only the best quality equipment, guaranteeing reliability, safety and freedom for everyone. We stock a variety of mobility aids, consumables and other assistive products to help cover everything you’re looking for; you are guaranteed to find all you need with us.

Bentley Nursing was formed after understanding that there was high demand for mobility and nursing supplies in the area. We decided to step in and provide a service which devoted itself to helping people with disabilities, supplying consumables and equipment tailored to their individual needs.

The people working for Bentley Nursing have always retained consistency, whether that’s with guidance, customer service or future maintenance of the equipment provided to our clients – our priority has always been you.

We offer a free, non obligated home visit to perform product assessments and demonstrate how to use our equipment. We aim to be only the best with everything we do, which is why we will also attend to your needs either the same day or the next to ensure you have what you need as soon as possible. All our furniture aids are bespoke to enable you the freedom of aesthetics and functionality to suit your individual preferences. Our equipment is also available for hire – you do not have to worry about a full investment in our product, if you are looking to use them temporarily or for a set date.

Bentley Nursing will follow you through your journey of gaining a new perspective and will provide you with friendly, expert advice along the way to further you with confidence and support. Just because you have reduced mobility or a specific incapability, it shouldn’t have to affect what you want to do; instead let us change your way of living, by providing bespoke equipment that will assist you effectively.