Custom Mobility Ramps

While an off-the-shelf ramp is practical for a lot of situations, we recognise that for some properties, portable ramps are not practical. Keep reading to find out more about our bespoke mobility ramp service.

At Bentley Nursing we provide a bespoke mobility ramp service to accommodate your needs for access mobility. We offer a free home assessment and non-obligated quote on our ramps. If you are considering having a custom built ramp for wheelchair or mobility scooter access; our team will perform a property survey to find the best ramp solution for you. Bentley Nursing guarantees the customer an excellent service from start to finish, and even with our aftersales service.

A Bentley Nursing representative will discuss a suitable time for a home visit with you, from there we will perform a full assessment of your property and grounds in preparation for your ramp installation. During examination we will take measurements and photos of the planned area for installation, testing the steepness of your property and the terrain, we will then be able to determine how wide and long your ramp will need to be before installation. Our custom mobility ramps are built with a reinforced steel structure and provide an excellent grip through their embossed design. Mobility ramps offer a practical and effortless way to gain access to previously inaccessible places that are either raised or on uneven terrain.

Bentley Nursing will deliver and install your mobility ramp once you are happy with the ramp design. Throughout the manufacture and installation process, you will receive updates on the project, and we will provide an estimated deadline for completion. Allow us to help you create the ideal ramp to get you places by making them much more accessible.

With competitive prices and a bespoke service dedicated to your requirements, trust Bentley Nursing with installing the perfect mobility ramp for you. If you are considering investing in a ramp for access mobility, contact us today to speak to our friendly expertise. No project is too big or too small; we are more than happy to help you step by step through the process and answer any enquiries you may have along the way.

We will discuss a suitable time to schedule a home visit with our clients so we can take some photos and measurements to see what ramp solution is best for you. We will examine the terrain, steepness of your property and determine how we think we should design your ramp.

Once we have performed a free home assessment, we will shortly contact you arranging a time to deliver and install your bespoke mobility ramp. The process will be managed effectively and completed promptly, ensuring everything we consider everything carefully during installation.

After we install the ramp, we will check over the mobility ramp to make sure everything is in full working order and meets your requirements. We will then make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results before we leave. Our aftersales service allows you to ask any questions or follow up on advice to ensure you are completely happy with your ramp and our service.

Off-The-Shelf Mobility Ramps

Bentley realises that not every property necessarily requires a bespoke ramp; therefore we can offer an alternative, foldable ramp that you can take anywhere.

Creating effortless entry for wheelchairs and scooters into raised property and cars

Our portable ramps makes the transfer of wheelchairs and scooters in property and cars easier by providing a means of mobility access. We have foldable ramps that allow you to take your ramp with you when you’re on the move so you can have access mobility wherever you go. Off-the-shelf ramps are a practical solution to helping wheelchair and scooter users get into property or over rough terrain.
The mobility ramps we provide come in a variety of sizes and some are even available with hand-rails for an additional mobility aid. The aluminium material prevents rust and keeps the ramp durable for years on end, making them a worthwhile investment to introduce into your lifestyle. By buying a foldable, car-transportable ramp, you will never have to worry about hoisting your wheelchair up platforms or getting your scooter stuck on an uneven ground again.