CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen

With the increasing global threat of ‘new’ viruses, such as Covid-19, and the rise of Healthcare-acquired infections, there has never been a greater focus on infection control and rightly so.

The innovative CleanScreen is designed to minimise the existence and transmission of pathogens while also being flexible for use in many different environments.

Hospital-acquired infections also known as ‘superbugs’, have become far more prevalent over the past 20 years over this time and more and more attention has been paid to methods of eradicating the risk of these infections taking hold.

With the innovative CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen System, you are guaranteed significantly less chance of bacteria taking hold in the first place. Cleaning is also easier, with all parts of the screen easily accessible, so any bacteria that does start to colonise will be effectively removed.

CleanScreen is the safest Medical Privacy Screen on the market because it:

  • has completely flat, clean surfaces which do not allow bacteria to colonise
  • provides 100% accessibility for cleaning; with no hidden crevices or joins
  • is impregnated with an anti-microbial agent to give a basic level of permanent protection
  • comes as a wall or trolley mounted version
  • is modular, providing flexibility on length and easy repair or replacement

CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen – For Rapid New Privacy and Infection Control Partitioning – Mobile or Wall Mounted Units


  • One piece panels with no seams and joins for pathogens to hide
  • Modular and available in different lengths to provide flexibility and allow panels to be easily added or replaced.
  • Reaches to less than 10cm / 4” off the floor and extends to approx 1.9M / 6’3” in height providing an excellent infection barrier and privacy for patients
  • CleanScreen – Available wall or trolley mounted
  • Available with integrated antibac additive to provide lifelong protection that will not wash or rub off
  • Save on ongoing curtain cleaning and replacement costs
  • 1900mm High and from 3 Panels to 13 panels long – 1070mm up to 4320mm length – the possibilities for cubicle creation are flexible and fast
  • Rapid Deployment to Create additional cubicles in any available rooms or corridors
  • Contact Sales Manager Ian Poole by email : or phone : 01733 555838 for more information, pricing or a demo

CleanScreen is very versatile and adaptable.
It can be used in multiple areas and rapidly deployed for patient isolation and privacy as required.
CleanScreen Puts Infection Control First
Privacy screens are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in the hospital for patients but for years infection control has been an added benefit.

All surfaces are smooth and completely accessible, with no seams or joints, significantly reducing the opportunity for bacteria to be missed during cleaning. And the CleanScreen is manufactured with an added anti-microbial agent mixed with the plastic to give a permanent germ-killing presence.

CleanScreen is unique in many ways. Aesthetically designed and available in a range of colours, these robust screens are modular, allowing for the ultimate flexibility as well as use during extraordinary situations, such as temporary wards.

They are built with our unique and distinctive design hinge, which has just two connection points to create minimal joints between panels.

CleanScreen reaches to within 10cm of the floor and extends to just under two metres in height, providing the maximum physical barrier against infection on today’s market.

Finally, the mobile design ensures easy manoeuvring, with an ergonomic handle and medical grade castors.

The Mobile CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen system enables it to be moved around from ward-to-ward and room-to-room. Its simple design, ergonomic handle, and high-quality rubber castor make manoeuvring the privacy screen very easy. The trolley’s base cover is removable for cleaning if required and the whole unit can be totally sanitised. When folded, the unit is very compact and can be stored out of the way.
Contact Sales Manager Ian Poole by email : or phone : 01733 555838 for more information, pricing or a demo

Additional information

Mobile Trolley or Wall Mounted

Mobile Trolley 4 Panel – 1220mm Screen Length, Mobile Trolley 6 Panel – 1870mm Screen Length, Mobile Trolley 8 Panel – 2520mm Screen Length, Mobile Trolley 10 Panel – 3170mm Screen Length, Mobile Trolley 12 Panel – 3820mm Screen Length, Mobile Trolley 14 Panel – 4470mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 3 Panel – 1070mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 5 Panel – 1720mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 7 Panel – 2370mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 9 Panel – 3020mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 11 Panel – 3670mm Screen Length, Wall Mounted 13 Panel – 4320mm Screen Length


Anti-Bac Blue, Aqua Green, Ivory