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Aerolight Xtra Ramp


The Aerolight Xtra folding access ramp is the perfect solution for creating a safe pathway across uneven surfaces, this includes steps, kerbs, or thresholds. You can find these access ramps in public, domestic and commercial spaces and they can be used as a permanent or temporary mobility solution.

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The Aerolight folding ramp can bear loads between 250kgs – 450kgs and is available in seven different size configurations. Each ramp has the same width of 760mm, but the length varies from 600mm to 2400mm.


  • Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • Many uses in public and domestic building access
  • Folds for compact storage clips together when folded
  • Folds inwards, making it very easy to deploy and prevents the grip surface damaging clothes when carrying
  • New anti-slip surface and rubber grips eliminate risks
  • New lip design (714mm wide) now fits narrow doorways
  • Aerolight ramps are designed and optimised for disability/mobility use

Description                                                                   Length                  Width                Capacity           Weight

Aerolight-Xtra 60cm folding portable ramp           60cm (2ft)           76cm (30ins)       450kg (71st)        4.7kg (10lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 90cm folding portable ramp           90cm (3ft)           76cm (30ins)       450kg (71st)        6.5kg (14lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 120cm folding portable ramp        120cm (4ft)         76cm (30ins)        400kg (63st)        8.3kg (18lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 150cm folding portable ramp        150cm (5ft)         76cm (30ins)        350kg (55st)        10.1kg (22lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 180cm folding portable ramp        180cm (6ft)         76cm (30ins)        350kg (55st)        11.9kg (26lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 210cm folding portable ramp        210cm (7ft)         76cm (30ins)        300kg (47st)        13.7kg (30lbs)

Aerolight-Xtra 240cm folding portable ramp        240cm (8ft)         76cm (30ins)       250kg (39st)        15.5kg (34lbs)

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60cm (2ft), 90cm (3ft), 120cm (4ft), 150cm (5ft), 180cm (6ft), 210cm (7ft), 240cm (8ft)