HEARTSINE DEFIBRILLATOR 350P with Carry Case and Adult Pad Pack


The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P is a user-friendly, semi-automatic defibrillator with a lengthy 10 year warranty. Its lightweight design and handy carry case makes the HeartSine 350P easily portable, and features a clear interface for simple visual instructions throughout. To help the rescuer stay calm under pressure, the defibrillator provides step-by-step audible prompts and sounds a metronome for CPR speed guidance.



Product Features:
Semi-automatic unit – administers a shock at the press of a button
Supplied with a combined battery & electrode cartridge, carry case + exclusive extras
AED Defibrillator Responder Kit available separately
10 year manufacturers warranty on the defibrillator unit
4 year battery life (from date of manufacture)
4 year electrode pad life (from date of manufacture)
Weekly automatic self tests performed by the unit
Manufactured in the UK
Visual and audible prompts guide the user throughout
CPR coaching metronome helps the rescuer provide effective treatment at the right speed
Durable with a high resistance to shock and vibration
Carries the industry’s highest rating against dust and moisture: IP56 rated
Clear and easy to understand user interface
Features a System Status Ready Indicator: shows when the defibrillator is ready for use
Combined battery and electrode pad cartridge – only one expiry date to remember
Lighter and smaller than other defibrillators