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Portable Fogger V260-CF Disinfectant Sprayer for Anti-Virus Fogging


Disinfectant sprayer for professional use
Easy to operate, durable and low maintenance
Suitable for use with antiviral disinfectant
Can be used portable or stand-alone
Use for fogging indoors and outdoors
Supplied with extendable hose and shoulder strap
5 litre Tank

The V260-CF Fogger / Disinfectant Sprayer is a professional cold fogger, easy and convenient to use, either as a portable disinfectant fogging machine or as stand-alone.
Easy to operate, durable and low maintenance.

This ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogger is manufactured from highly durable thermoplastic and powered by an electric motor which pressurises the disinfectant solution and disperses it in fine droplets (15 to 30 microns) at a flow rate of up to 400ml per minute. The flow rate is adjustable with a simple control knob, to suit different areas and conditions.

ULV foggers are suitable for odour control and disinfecting or sanitising, e.g. in care homes, hotels, offices etc.
Also ideal for pest control and to deodorise smoke contaminated buildings. The fine fog can penetrate porous surfaces.
Can be used indoors or outdoors and are supplied with a shoulder strap.

The V260-CF includes a 50cm extendable hose, to produce a larger fogging distance and to reach into difficult areas.

Regularly sanitising premises is an essential step to take during the current pandemic, particularly before re-opening. Fogger is an innovative sanitising solution that is significantly more cost effective than hiring an external company to conduct regular deep cleans, and is much more practical than other cleaning methods for thorough disinfection of all areas

Features: V260-CF
Voltage 230v
Motor 800w
Tank capacity 5 litre
Droplet size 15-30 um
Fogging distance 12 metres
Spray volume (adjustable) 0-400 ml/min
Nozzle Type Double turbine
Power cord 3 metres
Approx weight (empty) 3.4kg
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 400x280x280